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Tyson Haynes
Principal Consultant




Patent Docketing | Bayh-Dole Invention Reporting through iEdison | Patent Prosecution| U.S. and International Patent Filing

Tyson manages the federal reporting requirements portion. Tyson has provided technology transfer services to several research entities. Services include patent portfolio management ensuring clients follow the reporting obligations pursuant to the Bayh-Dole Act by providing data management via iEdison. Data management services include reporting accurate invention disclosures, title election, managing government support clauses and patent filings by verifying information via the federal trademark document retrieval database. Tyson has experience using various technology software, including Sophia and KSS.

Tyson has partnered with several IP firms to provide cost effective patent support services. Services include preparation of Information Disclosure Statements, downloading domestic and foreign references; citing references and non-patent literature documents on SB08 filing forms, preparing and filing new applications; including Preliminary Amendments to eliminate multiple dependent claims, downloading and preparing USPTO application data sheet, preparing and filing continuation and divisional applications, reporting various USPTO formalities including Notice of Publications, Official Filing Receipts, Notice of Acceptance etc.

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