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Need SBIR Grant Management?

We Can Help

Our SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Grant Management Services help small businesses navigate the application process for SBIR grants, manage the grants they have received, and ensure compliance with regulations. Here are a few key elements of these services:

Grant Management Services

SBIR Consultations 

Our professional advisors help businesses to understand the SBIR grant program, identify grant opportunities that are suitable for their business, and discuss potential strategies for securing grants.

Proposal Development

Our advisors can assist in writing or editing grant proposals, ensuring they are compelling and fulfill the requirements of the SBIR program. This may involve market research, technical writing, budget development, or other tasks.

Project Management

Once a grant is secured, SBIR grant management services will help manage the funds. This can include creating budgets, ensuring compliance with federal regulations, managing any required reporting, and aiding in audits.

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